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Site Update & Reminders/Dryer Vents


Hi Greentree Village Residents!


***As you may have noticed the front entrance sign lights are not working properly or at all.  The simple repair of replacing the smashed solar light fixture did not resolve the problem.  At this time the Board and Management are working with electric contractors to get quotes to install a new wire from the guardhouse to the front signs as the existing one is compromised in several places and the solar source in place is not sufficient.  Your patience is appreciated while this is being resolved.

***Dryer vents are due to be done this year.  You will be receiving notice in the mail.  The notice is attached to this message as well.

***Please be reminded to use tightly closed containers when putting out your garbage or recycling.  It can get messy in the community when the items blow around or the crows start snacking.

***There have been reports of cats roaming in the community along with dog waste not being picked up.  Please refer to the appropriate source and be reminded of the Association Rules as well as the Sparta Township Pet Ordinance. 

***This has been a tough Winter with the crazy temperature fluctuations.  A foot of snow is easier to clear than all the ice and water.  Thank you for your patience during the storm cleanups and with the ice current ice melt product being used. Stay safe!




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