Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are available for use by all members and escorted guests. There are no specific dates when the tennis courts are opened or closed for the season. Generally, the courts will open with the onset of acceptable playing weather and close when the climate turns cold and wintry.

So that the courts are available to all members and not monopolized by some, users are asked to limit playing time to not more than one hour for singles and 1½ hours for doubles. All players must prominently display pool badges. Please note that the tennis court is not a playground and is to be used by tennis players only.

The Tennis courts are kept locked at all times. Any Association member in good standing is entitled to purchase a key. Please contact the management company for information.

Other rules governing the use of tennis courts are included with the Swimming Rules.


The pool is open for use from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. A pool management company is contracted annually be the Association to operate the pool facility and ensure that it fully complies with all local and state regulations governing the use of public pools. The pool management firm is responsible for hiring lifeguards who are sanctioned by the American Red Cross. Lifeguards are on duty during all hours of operation; use of the pool is permitted during those hours only.

The Board of Trustees has established rules for the pool that are designed for the protection of pool users as well as the Association in general. Of particular importance is that all children under twelve (12) years of age must be under the close supervision of a responsible adult, as the pool is not intended to become a “day care center”.

Pool badges are required for entrance to the pool are and must be visible to the lifeguard on duty. Members will receive notification in the spring announcing the dates for the issuance of badges. Guests using the pool must be accompanied by a resident at all times.



The clubhouse is available for rental by any Association member in good standing for private functions. The facility includes a main room (with tables and chairs), a fully equipped kitchen and deck. Rental arrangements can be made by contacting the management company. It is advisable to reserve the clubhouse at least thirty (30) days in advance as the clubhouse is rented on a first come/first serve basis. The use of the pool facility is not included in clubhouse rental. Depending upon the availability of cleaning personnel the clubhouse may not be rented two days in succession.

During warm weather month, the Association provides table and chairs on the deck area for the use of Association members. Please note that food consumption is not allowed within the gated pool area. The clubhouse deck should be used for this purpose.

The Board of Trustees adopted Rules and Regulation governing the use of the clubhouse. A copy will be provided to each renter and strict adherence to all rules is appreciated.