Community Information

Payment Information

2021 Maintenance Fees
A unit  $549
B unit $506
C unit  $453
D unit $506

A supplemental fee for reserve work (10 year loan payment) is part of the fees collected at Greentree Village. The following fees apply:

Unit A $68
Unit B $63
Unit C $56
Unit D $63
Late Fee: $50 after the 10th, be reminded fees are due on the 1st

Pay By Mail
Greentree Village
PO Box 105007
Atlanta, GA 30348-5007
Please include your unit address and Property name

Pay Online
You may set up automatic payments or make a one-time payment directly through Union Bank at Some fees may apply to certain payment methods.

Please note if you pay your maintenance electronically (direct pay through your bank), keep the receipt in your files and check online (through the website) after the 20th of each month to be sure your payment has posted.  Also be reminded some banks with an automatic payment feature expire after 12 months, requiring owners to set up annually.

Insurance Agent
Brown & Brown Insurance
FAX 610-974-9791
Banks must submit in writing
Policy on web site under documents Policy # PHPK1836262
All claims opened through Association representative (on site) 973-729-3881

All exterior Alterations, Changes or Modifications require approval from the Association. If you would like to make any exterior changes, please submit a Modification Request Form to management outlining your request for the proposed change, addition or improvement. You should include all pertinent information, the more the better. Please be sure to include a certificate of insurance for the vendor performing the work with the Association named on the certificate. Please also include any and all required permits. After receiving your request, Management will present your materials to the appropriate committee and Board for review. You will then be advised of their approval or denial.

Greentree Village at Sparta was begun in 1985 and is compromised of five neighborhoods: Grist Mill, Sleepy Hollow, Cobbler Square, Manor Square and Beacon Hill. The last neighborhood, Beacon Hill was completed in 1996. Included in our community are 117 units, a pool, tennis court and clubhouse. There are four styles of units: The Ashley (“A Unit”), The Briarwood (“B Unit”), The Crest (“C Unit”), and The Devon (“D Unit”), ranging in size from 1,725 sq. ft. (The Crest) to 2,090 sq. ft. (The Ashley).

As a private gated community, the general public is not allowed within the confines of Greentree Village ~ only owners/residents, guests and scheduled service personnel.

Greentree Village is often referred to as the “Premier Townhouse Complex” in Sussex County. Likely this is due to the unique and spacious arrangement of our five neighborhoods, as well as the beauty and abundance of our landscaping. The entire village is situated on approximately 88 acres of property.

Five trustees who are elected by members of the Homeowner’s Association govern Greentree Village. The term of office for each trustee is two years and elections are held in March during the Annual Meeting of the Association. All unit owners in good standing* are eligible to run for a trustee position.

The Greentree Village Master Deed Restrictions and By-Laws provide rules and regulations governing conduct within our community. It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to interpret and enforce these rules and regulations. We suggest all owners/residents become familiar with these rules and regulations. The master Deed, By-Laws and Board of Trustees Resolutions of the Association control the operation of the Homeowner’s Association and use of the property. This document is a summary only and not a substitute for the Master Deed, By-Laws and Resolutions and Board of Trustees Resolutions.

*A unit owner in good standing is defined as any Association member whose monthly Association dues are current and who has not otherwise been deemed by the Association’s Board of Trustees as not in good standing by virtue of failure to comply with the Association’s Master Deed, By-Laws or Board of Trustees Resolutions.

All owners need to register with the Association. Contact Amanda Wiggins at 973 398 6609 or email [email protected] Once registered you will be be given instructions from management on how to use the system. This number allows you and your family to open the gate. Your code number should not be given to anyone other than your immediate family. The Association shall not be held liable for improper use or disposition of the security codes.

Guests visiting your home should follow the instructions posted on the gate pad. This simple procedure involves our programming your telephone number into the gate security system. It is therefore essential that you provide your telephone number to the management company as soon as possible so that your visitor code number can be activated. Guests and service personnel will use your assigned visitor code number to call you from the gatehouse. Once they have announced their arrival, simply push “9” on your telephone and this will raise the gate allowing them to enter.

Gate opening procedures are as follows:
· Drive up to the directory keyboard.
· Press your four-digit code number. The gate will rise.
· Proceed beyond the raised gate; it will automatically lower once you are through. ( DO NOT STOP UNDER OPEN GATE)
Caution: The gate is designed to allow one car through at a time. A second car cannot pass through without repeating this procedure.
Visitors and Service Personnel
· Drive up to the directory keyboard.
· Locate the resident’s name on the gate pad.
· Press enter, it will call the resident the speaker system next to the keyboard will act as a telephone and ring into the resident’s home.
· Upon answering the resident can communicate with the visitor. The resident can then press “9” on the telephone which will allow the gate to rise and the visitor to enter. At this point the telephone will disconnect.
Note: If you have an answering machine the guest can leave a 30-second message.

Garbage Collection and Recycling
Trash pick up is early Tuesday and Fridays weekly / Recycling is Monday single stream pick up

You must break down boxes, you may use any size container shouldn’t exceed 35 gallons, and should have a lid for both recycling and trash ( please be sure your recycling container is marked and only has recycling items in it.  Remember if you mix in items that are trash recycling will be left behind.  Do not place recycling in trash bags.

The Association has engaged the service of Waste Management Co. to remove the garbage and recyclables from our community. In addition to typical refuse they will remove larger items such as furniture, appliances, carpeting, etc.; however as a courtesy you should contact Waste Management at 973-383-7480 several days in advance so that they are aware of any out-of-the-ordinary items. If you have any questions in this regard please contact the management company.

The following guidelines apply to refuse and recyclable removal:
· Refuse is collected twice weekly: Tuesdays and Friday mornings.
· Recyclables are collected weekly Mondays. Recycling is single stream
· A maximum of two containers is allowed per unit per refuse collections.
· Covered containers should be placed at the end of the driveway no earlier than the evening before pickup.
· Empty containers should be retrieved and stored out-of-sight immediately after pickup or as soon as possible thereafter.
· Recyclable items are not to mixed with household garbage.
Note: Please refer to the Sparta Township Recycling Schedule. Also visit Waste Management website for guidelines on recycling

Each street has a limited number of center parking spaces designated for visitors to Greentree Village. Residents are expected to use their garages and driveways for routine parking. In fairness to everyone, visitor parking spaces should be used discriminately by residents for short-term parking only. No resident should ever monopolize a center parking spot. If a resident plans to be away for an extended period of time please park your vehicle(s) in your garage/driveway so that the visitor spaces are available for the intended purpose. Should a resident need additional parking for short durations please contact the management company to make arrangements to leave your vehicle in the clubhouse parking area.

Only certain types of firewood should be burned in our fireplaces. Generally, soft woods are not allowed, as they will deposit a harmful residue on the inside of the chimney creating a fire hazard. Please limit your wood burning to hardwoods such as oak, maple, etc. Artificial fire logs are prohibited as they too can create a fire hazard.

The following guidelines have been established for the storage and use of firewood:
· Storage of firewood in front of units is limited to “O” ring holders only, except for “C Units” where wood can be stored out-of-sight in the front above.
· The balance of all firewood must be stored on the rear deck only.
· Wood is prohibited from being stored in garages, basements or on common grounds*. Certain exceptions may apply and you may contact the Board of Trustees or the management company for further details.
· Wood is to be stored off all surfaces and stacked neatly at least six inches (6”) away from siding. Height is not to exceed four feet (4’).
· To avoid damage to our septic systems, delivery trucks and vehicles are not allowed behind units.
· Never burn colored newspaper, building lumber or artificial logs.
· Use a grate with zero clearance designed for our type of fireplace.
*Common ground is defined as all paved, landscaped or turf areas.
The Association will arrange to have all chimneys cleaned and fireplaces inspected at least once every two years.


The disregard of pet rules is the most common violation in Greentree Village and likely the one most upsetting to your neighbors. If you are a pet owner, you owe it to your community to become familiar and comply with these simple rules.

All dogs and cats must be kept on a leash at all times and accompanied by the owner or caretaker whenever they are on common grounds. In essence, this means that anytime your pet is outside the confines of your unit is must be leashed. Tying a pet to a deck, column, tree or other outside fixture is strictly prohibited.

Pet owners are responsible for the immediate removal of all pet excrement from common grounds.

Storm Doors

The Homeowner’s Association has approved a specific storm door for use within Greentree Village. Owners may have a door installed at their own expense ­after first obtaining approval from the management company or the Board of Trustees. The Board has authorized a number of models all similar in appearance and further has negotiated special prices from various sources. For a listing of these models and sources contact either the management company or the Board of Trustees.
Please note: The Master Deed and By-Laws prohibit any changes or modifications whatsoever to the outside of any unit without written approval from the Board of Trustees.

Windows, Sliding Glass Doors and Garage Doors

The maintenance and replacement of windows, sliding glass doors are the responsibility of the unit owner. The Association however is responsible for painting garage doors and outside window moldings when necessary. When replacing any of these items the Board of Trustees as well as the Deed Restriction require that the exterior appearance be identical to the original items.

Unfortunately the original windows and sliders installed by the builder were of poor quality. The Board of Trustees has researched higher quality replacements and negotiated special prices for Greentree unit owners. Contact the management company or the Board of Trustees for a list of replacement models and sources of supply.


The Association contracts for grass mowing and landscaping. This service includes the pruning and shaping of all trees and shrubs. The contractor periodically applies herbicides and insecticides to turf areas and trees, as needed. Residents will receive notification prior to the applications.
All trees, shrubs and bushes are on common ground and are the property of the Association ~ even when purchased and planted by the owner or resident. Anyone wishing to plant additional shrubs or trees must first receive permission from the Board of Trustees.
During the spring residents may plant flowers beds adjacent to their own unit. Vegetable plants are to be planted in the rear only. Flowers should not be planted near the edge of planting beds however, as weedwackers used by the contractor may prove harmful to the life of the plant. It is also advisable to delay all planting until after landscapers apply mulch in the spring. Generally mulch is added to all planting beds every other year. It is suggested that the mulching schedule be checked prior to flower planting.
Each spring volunteers plant flowers in the center areas of each village, as well as at the entrance to Greentree Village, the gatehouse, the clubhouse, and the pool and tennis court areas. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the management company.

Snow Removal

The Association contracts for snow removal each year. The service includes our roads, all driveways and walkways and center (visitor) parking areas. It does not include porches and decks. These areas are the responsibility of the unit owner/renter. All decks, including upper decks, should be kept clear of snow to prevent damage from moisture, as well as to maintain open alternate exit in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Salt is not allowed on sidewalks or cement steps as it can cause damage to these areas. Ice melt, sand and cat litter are acceptable alternatives.

Generally the contractor will begin snow removal only after the accumulation of two inches (2”) or more. To minimize snow removal expenses, driveways will be cleared one time per storm ~ when the snow stops. Anyone in an emergency-type profession (doctor, nurse, firefighter, on-duty emergency medical technician, etc.) may request that their driveway be given priority by contacting the management company in writing with your request.

During a snow event, all vehicles should be parked in the garage, or if this is not possible, in the driveway. Street parking is now allowed and the center visitor parking spaces are to be kept open until they are plowed. Residents are responsible for moving their vehicle(s) once driveway plowing begins. The contractor is not obligated to remove snow from any occupied driveway or parking area. However, cars left in the visitor parking area during a snow event risk being plowed in and the owner will be responsible for its removal.

Septic System

All units are tied into an Association septic system. The Association has adopted a plan to pump the system in each neighborhood every three (3) years. Further, as required by law, the entire septic system is inspected monthly by a certified state inspector. Any abnormalities or malfunction should be reported immediately to the management company. Some units ( in the garage area) have an alarm shut off switch. If the light on the outside of your unit lights up, then you should contact AR Management Company and turn off the alarm.

The following guidelines apply to septic systems:
· Only biodegradable items should be placed in the system.
· Items such as sanitary napkins, tampons, and paper towels should never be flushed into the system, nor should paint, chemicals, condoms, sand, cigarettes, plastics, metals or flushable cat litter.
· Vehicles running over the top of a septic system can easily cause damage. Therefore vehicles are strictly prohibited in the rear of all units.

Every spring the Association contracts an exterminator to eradicate ants and other insects. All units will be notified prior to extermination.


There is an on-going painting program for the exteriors of all buildings. This service includes the replacement of deteriorated wood as well as the cleaning and seal coating of all decks. Residents will be notified in advance of the scheduled painting in the area.


The Association will contract the cleaning of all gutters prior to the onset of winter. Should you notice a gutter not functioning properly or otherwise in need of repair please notify the management company.


Generally mulch will be applied to all planting beds every other year. It is suggested the mulching schedule be checked prior to flower planting in the spring.


Driveways will be seal coated when deemed necessary by the Homeowner’s Association. This service will also include the repair of cracks to driveway surfaces.

The Association maintains a policy to insure the Greentree Village at Sparta Homeowner’s Association. This policy covers our commonly owned property such as the gatehouse, clubhouse, tennis court, pool, the exteriors of all buildings, etc. It also includes structures like railings, steps, columns, streetlights and decks, as well as commonly owned contents such as the stove and refrigerator in the clubhouse. The key element in this description is “common.” The policy further provides business liability for the Association.

As it relates to each individual unit, the Association’s policy covers from the exterior of the unit down to and including the paint. However in many instances it is not meant to be the primary coverage particularly as it relates to interior damage. The Association’s policy does not include under any circumstances the contents of the unit such as fixtures, personal possessions, floors, utilities, appliances, shelves, closets, interior walls, counters, furniture, clothing and personal liability. Further the Association’s policy does not include any upgrades (betterments and improvements) to a unit such as a finished basement, a ceramic tile floor, a corian countertop or upgraded carpeting. All of the aforementioned items are the responsibility of the unit owner and should be covered under a special policy called “HO-6” or condominium insurance.

A basic HO-6 policy will cover the individual unit for its original design and contents only. Therefore it is imperative the unit owner determine the replacement cost for any and all upgrades or additions (betterments and improvements) to the unit and purchase adequate additional coverage. Further the basic policy will not cover valuables such as jewelry; therefore valuables should also be added to your basic policy.

Another suggestion is to consider the addition of “Condominium Loss Assignment” to the basic HO-6 policy. This rider covers the unit owner should the Association enact a special assessment for purposes of a major repair program.

All incidents resulting in interior damage should first be reported by the unit owner to your HO-6 policy carrier. This includes damage resulting from roof failure and/or ice damming. The unit’s incurance company may decide to subrogate the responsibility to the Association’s carrier. This is common practice where there is shared or common liability; however the initial step is to still initiate a claim with the HO-6 olicy carrier. It should be noted that any claims involving the Association’s policy are subject to a general deductible of $2,500.00 and $1,500.00 for water damage. Please remember that his policy is designated primarily for the coverage of the Association’s commonly owned property. Should a claim with the Association’s carrier originate from, or affect an individual unit, the unit owner may be responsible for the deductible, or some part of it. The HO-6 policy may cover losses from the Association’s deductible depending upon the incident and the unit owner’s deductible.

Two questions of particular concern are frequently asked. (Q) What if my agent or insurance company states they refuse to subrogate? (A) This procedure is common practice and should not be denied by a responsible insurance carrier. If this becomes a problem for you, there are many responsible carriers who would appreciate your business.

(Q) What if my insurance company drops me? (A) The Association has already had this experience once due to a high incidence of claims. The result was actually favorable as the Association found a better policy for less money. The point here is there are many reputable insurance companies who want your business if your present company should drop you.

If you wish further guidance or information on this very important matter please contact your agent or insurance carrier directly. If you are still uncertain about your coverage the Board of Trustees suggests you contact the Association’s insurance company, Vreeland Insurance, Rockaway, NJ.

Recreational Facilities

Greentree Village Homeowner’s Association owns and operates a clubhouse, pool and tennis court for the benefit of its members. These facilities are available to all homeowners and renters who are in good standing with the Association.

Swimming Pool

The pool is open for use from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. A pool management company is contracted annually by the Association to operate the pool facility and ensure that it fully complies with all local and state regulations governing the use of public pools. The pool management firm is responsible for hiring lifeguards who are sanctioned by the American Red Cross. Lifeguards are on duty during all hours of operation; use of the pool is permitted during those hours only.

The Board of Trustees has established rules for the pool that are designed for the protection of pool users as well as the Association in general. Of particular importance is that all children under twelve (12) years of age must be under the close supervision of a responsible adult, as the pool is not intended to become a “day care center”.

Pool badges are required for entrance to the pool are and must be visible to the lifeguard on duty. Members will receive notification in the spring announcing the dates for the issuance of badges. Guests using the pool must be accompanied by a resident at all times.

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are available for use by all members and escorted guests. There are no specific dates when the tennis courts are opened or closed for the season. Generally, the courts will open with the onset of acceptable playing weather and close when the climate turns cold and wintry.

So that the courts are available to all members and not monopolized by some, users are asked to limit playing time to not more than one hour for singles and 1½ hours for doubles. All players must prominently display pool badges. Please note that the tennis court is not a playground and is to be used by tennis players only.

The Tennis courts are kept locked at all times. Any Association member in good standing is entitled to purchase a key. Please contact the management company for information.
Other rules governing the use of tennis courts are included with the Swimming Rules.


The clubhouse is available for rental by any Association member in good standing for private functions. The facility includes a main room (with tables and chairs), a fully equipped kitchen and deck. Rental arrangements can be made by contacting the management company. It is advisable to reserve the clubhouse at least thirty (30) days in advance as the clubhouse is rented on a first come/first serve basis. The use of the pool facility is not included in clubhouse rental. Depending upon the availability of cleaning personnel the clubhouse may not be rented two days in succession.

During warm weather months, the Association provides table and chairs on the deck area for the use of Association members. Please note that food consumption is not allowed within the gated pool area. The clubhouse deck should be used for this purpose.

The Board of Trustees adopted Rules and Regulation governing the use of the clubhouse. A copy will be provided to each renter and strict adherence to all rules is appreciated.

Board of Trustee Meetings

Regular meetings of the Greentree Village Board of Trustees are held quarterly on the third Thursday of the month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. ~ dates to be announced and posted. The meetings are open to all Association members. Your participation is invited and public comment is welcome at this time. Check the gatehouse bulletin board for announcements of all Trustee meetings.

The  approved minutes of all meetings are available by request through the clubhouse office, or on the community website under the Documents section.

The Annual Meeting of the Association is held in March. It is at this meeting when vacant trustee positions are filled by election.


Greentree Village attempts to maintain a variety of active committees contingent upon the level of volunteer interest from our community. The committees are necessary as they supplement the work of the Board of Trustees, the management company and Greentree Village’s various contractors. Regardless of the amount of time you have to offer, your interest and assistance are welcome.

If you wish to make a contribution to one or more of the committees listed below please contact the management company or attend a regularly scheduled Board of Trustee’s meeting.
-Audit Committee
-Buildings and Grounds
-Special Projects

Restrictions and By-Laws

Unit owners and renters are encouraged to become familiar with the Deed Restrictions and By-Laws. We urge you to carefully read and comply with these regulations – all of which were enacted to positively affect the community quality of life as well as maintain the value of our units. The Board of Trustees is empowered with the authority to impose a fine of $25.00 a day to any unit owner who is not in compliance with any regulation or restriction. View the DOCUMENT section of the website to view or print.